Historical Tick-by-Tick Data

TrueFX is the first service that brings you real, dealable prices from real market participants from all the major market makers, with absolutely no intermediary. As a technology company, we can offer you historical tick-by-tick market data, at zero cost to you.

Below, you'll find the major currency pairs with tick-by-tick historical rates starting in May 2009 through recent months. This data is top-of-the-book, tick-by-tick market data, with fractional pip spreads in millisecond detail. All timestamps are based on GMT. Stay tuned — more data to come very soon.

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Streaming Real-Time Market Data Widget

The streaming real-time market data widget shows streaming real-time rates. Clean, untouched bid and offer prices are streamed direct from leading market makers. The widget shows ten major currency pairs, but is configurable, with access to 26 currency pairs.

Market Data Web API

The TrueFX Real-Time Market Data Web API is a simple HTTP query/response protocol used by clients to access the streaming real-time market data available on TrueFX. With the Market Data Web API users can customize the Streaming Real-Time Market Data Widget, build their own widgets, or use and customize the market data to test strategies and algorithms.