One centrally cleared venue. Endless benefits.

A new trading dynamic for the buyside.

A purpose-built FX OTC venue designed for a unique trading community.

Members enjoy significantly lower trading costs and improved workflow through a powerful combination of centralized credit, technology and liquidity.



POWERED BY JEFFERIES FXPB Self-contained environment to maintain and optimize credit.



DELIVERED BY INTEGRAL A trading venue optimized for the buyside.



FUELLED BY e-TRADING LEADERS Assembling all leading automated market makers in one place.

True Opportunities
Credit lines from a recognized leader in FXPB credit intermediation

True Returns
Centralized credit for convenient and low-cost trading

True Visibility
Single NOP and pre-trade credit limits to optimize credit lines

True Freedom
Trade however, wherever and with whomever you want. Trade your way

True Performance
Convenient, seamless integration with all back-office systems

True Flexibility
Designed with automation and efficiency in mind. Built to accommodate all ticket sizes
True Gains
Fewer intermediaries between you and the market maker

True Potential
All automated market makers in a single trading environment

True Advantage
A one-stop-shop to access spot FX liquidity

A venue that truly benefits its members.

Reduce inefficiencies at all levels, including credit, integration, matching, netting and settlement.

Convenient, low-cost trading

Technology and settlement infrastructure in one centralized environment

Remove inefficiencies

Single point of credit intermediation, high-performance trading and one connection to all liquidity sources

Small ticket friendly

No minimum ticket size or minimum clearing fee

Flexible trading model

All trading styles available, including fully disclosed and anonymous matching

Designed for the buyside

Purpose built for seamless automation and increased efficiency                         

Fast connection

Easy integration through any API, OMS or MT4/MT5 Bridge. Offering API and GUI access

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