TrueFX Trading FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

TrueFX is an accessible, low cost, spot trading facility that serves as an alternative to the restrictive and expensive market structures that exist today in the FX OTC market.

There is a clear need and client demand for a trading facility that addresses the traditional hurdles that hedge funds, retail brokers and HFTs face — including diluted and decentralized credit, inefficient access to liquidity, and high transaction costs.

TrueFX delivers access to high quality credit, unique market-leading liquidity and a new trading dynamic that brings about higher NOP and lower trading costs.

Integral’s technology and Jefferies’ credit intermediation services combine to facilitate a closed-loop trading ecosystem with centralized credit lines, reliable pre-trade credit check, high capacity to handle surges in activity, and ability to hand small tickets in a cost-efficient manner. This centrally cleared ecosystem helps lower the risks, complexities and inefficiencies for all participants involved, including the buyside, the prime broker and the market makers.

Clients can trade on TrueFX using our API offering or GUI offering, and can connect via cross-connect, extranet, VPN or public internet. Clients only need to connect once in order to trade with any of the liquidity providers on TrueFX. Additionally, TrueFX is integrated with multiple post-trade STP services, including ___, ___, ___, and ___.

TrueFX matching engines are located in NY4, LD4 and TY3. Participants will be able to trade anonymously or bilaterally with leading automated market-makers, including ___, ___, ___, ___ and ___. Trading hours are from Sunday ___ EST to Friday ___ EST. The EMS supports various order types, such as Market, Limit and Midpoint Match. Clients must have credit arrangements with Jefferies.

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