TrueFX Trading

One Centrally Cleared Venue. Endless Benefits.

Centralized credit and technology for high convenience, low cost trading

Credit Powered by Jefferies FXPB

A self-contained credit ecosystem ensures you benefit from a more efficient network of credit lines, with lower risk and cost.

Technology Designed by Integral

Underpinned by Integral’s matching technology, the venue has been designed to ensure members enjoy high-performance, low-latency trading.

Liquidity from eTrading Leaders

Supported by the world’s largest eFX automated market makers

TrueFX Trading FAQs

What is TrueFX?

TrueFX is an accessible, low cost, spot trading facility delivered by Integral technology, cleared by Jefferies FX Prime Brokerage, and supported by the world's largest eFX participants. TrueFX combines centralized credit and technology to deliver a cost-efficient and operationally efficient environment for counterparties to connect.

Why TrueFX?

There is a clear need and client demand for a trading facility that addresses the traditional hurdles that hedge funds, retail brokers and other buyside institutions face – including diluted and decentralized credit, inefficient access to liquidity, and high transaction costs. TrueFX delivers access to high quality credit, unique market-leading liquidity and a new trading dynamic that brings about higher NOP and lower trading costs.

How does a client connect to TrueFX?

Clients can trade on TrueFX using our API offering or GUI offering, and can connect via cross-connect, extranet, VPN or public internet. Clients only need to connect once to trade with any of the liquidity providers on TrueFX. Clients must have credit arrangements with Jefferies to access the venue.